Sunday, 15 January 2012

bakers block

I haven't signed into my blog account for 10 weeks.  This, dear reader, is an unfamiliar and unexpected form of abstinence.  What makes this even more startling is that, for the same 10 week period, I haven't baked anything.  Nothing.  Not even a cheeky mince pie over Christmas.  My KitchenAid is clearly showing symptoms of depression and my cookery books are gathering dust.

Something has to change.

I spent today with a rather inspiring friend and together we will conquer the world, but until then, I have been motivated to head back into the Kitchen, don an overly flowery apron and re-aquiant myself with my baking station.  First step, as always, light the oven.  Done.

Over the past week or so I have been dragged out of an eight week long stress induced coma by the following;

Peter Gabriel - Solsbury Hill
The Postmodernism exhibition at the V&A
A third (and final) visit to the Richmond Pantomime
"you've got the hair of Simply Red"
An unexpected roast dinner at my local
Season 4 of House
Paul Simon - You can call me al

I fully appreciate that some of the above may mean nothing to you.  But they mean an awful lot to me.  Thank you to all those who had something to do with any of them (especially Paul Simon).

P.S I'm baking a reliable carrot cake but I promise to deliver some new recipes soon.  For now, I'm easing back into it all - bear with!

Katie xx

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