Saturday, 27 August 2011

Cake Bakers Dozen!

13 ingredients that I always make sure I have in the kitchen cupboards. Planned, or in an emergency, I'm ready to rustle up the perfect cake at the first opportunity!

the classics...
1   slightly salted butter - pastry, sponge, cakes and biscuits - this guy does 'em all
2   golden caster sugar - a personal preference, light brown soft works just as well
3   free-range eggs - I don't want my yolks coming from any old barn!
4   self-raising flour - when you want it to rise
5   plain flour - when you don't want it to rise
6   bicarbonate - for baking and household cleaning...

for that little kick...
7   ground almonds - mmm, nutty!
8   golden syrup - for when sugar just isn't enough
9   vanilla extract - to complete the perfect sponge

for making the right impression...
10 dark chocolate - minimum 70% cocoa solids
11 unwaxed lemons - ooooo zest me up!
12 chopped nuts - usually pecans
13 icing sugar - because a little dusting makes everything look charming!

Katie x

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